Web Development and Management

CKGSB Knowledge

Designed and built this site for the Cheung Kong School of Business (CKGSB). This site is a cornerstone of the School’s international branding and PR efforts, with the goal of making the School better known outside of China to global thought leaders and business executives, and it features weekly articles and interviews about the Chinese economy and business environment. Not only did I design,  build, and maintain the site in WordPress, I also worked with the Knowledge Center editor on SEO and Social Media strategies to grow the number of visitors. Our efforts led to at least a 700% increase in the number of visitors, compared with the previous version of the site.

Cheung Kong School of Business English Website

When I began working at CKGSB, the English version of the website was several years out of date, both in terms of content and in terms of design. Although the School wished to attract C-Suite executives and thought leaders, and present itself to the world as an innovative, sophisticated brand, the English website was poorly designed and difficult to maintain. After interviewing several web design firms, I chose Kevin Woo Designs to redesign and build a new English site for the school. Kevin and I worked on the design direction, which was inspired by international consulting firms like McKinsey rather than other business schools–part of our strategy to appeal to senior level executives. Once a design concept was chosen, I worked closely with the design firm on site structure and usability, while also taking care to update and revise the content. Over many months, I managed the design and development process, working closely with key stakeholders within the School to ensure that everyone’s needs were met. The result was new site that earned praise within the School–and began to generate new traffic from visitors around the world.



Landor Associates

Working with Landor Associates has been a career highlight. Although I’m not at liberty to publicly share the work I’ve done, I can say that I’ve worked on taglines for major Asian banks, naming for a new car company, and branding books. One of my taglines is being used to position a major China-based home goods company to the international market. Please ask me for samples.


Kessler Group

Pitches and concepts

PetSmart VIP Booklet
This booklet was designed to invite PetSmart executives to apply for the new PetSmart Visa after a partnership between PetSmart and WaMu had been completed.

Fox Entertainment Rewards
This concept board and direct mail package were created to show Fox Studios potential directions for the new Fox Entertainment Rewards Visa Card.

Welcome kits

WaMu Home Loan Welcome Kit
This Welcome Kit was designed for new home loan customers. I like the folksy tone, and I love the die-cut rooftops.

Direct mail

Super Card
I was part of a team that tried to come up with new Direct Mail ideas for WaMu. My Art Director and I came up with this concept, which features a pull tab on the back of the envelope. The Super Card idea is a simple way to communicate the powerful benefits of the card.
Brochures, buckslips, and inserts

Bonus Bucks inserts
These inserts were all part of an ongoing campaign to encourage WaMu cardholders to use their card in order to earn more cash back.

Motivational posters

Enhancement services
I like the simple, colorful design and fun headlines of these posters, designed to whip up enthusiasm at call centers.


Employee profile
This short newsletter article is about a colleague’s art work. It appeared in an issue of the Kessler newsletter, The Bridge.